Casimero vs Nghitumbwa: A Comprehensive Fight Analysis


Namibian Boxer Fillipus Nghitumbwa was up against Filipino sensation John Riel Casemiro on May 13, 2023, in Manilla, Philippines. The fight lasted 12 rounds and a decision was made by the referees and Casemiro secured the victory via Unanimous Decision. Boxing online betting odds were clearly favoring Casemiro to win.

This blog discusses the complete round-by-round analysis of the Casimero vs Nghitumbwa fight, the tale of the tape, the fight scorecard, and the boxer's statements after the bout.

Casimero vs Nghitumbwa: A Comprehensive Fight Analysis

Casimero vs Nghitumbwa Fight Summary

Former three-division world champion and prominent Filipino boxer, John Riel Casimero secured a thumping victory against Fillipus Nghitumbwa via unanimous decision in a 12-round fight. The fight took place on May 13, 2023, at the Okada Manila Hotel and Casino in Manila, Philippines.

Casimero knocked out Nghitumbwa hard early in the 6th round but the Nambian superstar managed to survive that round. Casimero smacked Nghitumbwa hard in the final moments of the 8th round.

The bout saw a dramatic turn in the last round when Nghitumbwa hit Casemiro on the back of the head and the referee deducted a point for that. The final scorecard reflected Casimero's control and effectiveness in the ring, with scores of 114-112, 116-110, and 116-110.

Casimero vs Nghitumbwa Tale of the Tape

John Riel Casimero Feature Fillipus Nghitumbwa
Filipino Nationality Namibian
33 Age 27
5 Feet 4 Inches Height 5 Feet 6 Inches
64 inches Reach 67 inches
Orthodox Stance Orthodox
31-4 Record 12-2
21 Knockouts 7
Former Three-Division Champion World Titles Held None
Aggressive, Powerful Fighting Style Quick, Technical

Round-by-Round Analysis of Casimero vs Nghitumbwa Fight

Here is a round-by-round analysis of this thrilling bout between Johnriel Casemiro and Fillipus Nghitumbwa and boxing online betting odds suggested Casemiro as the ultimate winner of the bout.

Round 1:

The first round set the tone for the Casimero vs Nghitumbwa fight. Casimero was in aggressive mode and tried to dominate with powerful punches. Nghitumbwa, however, used his height and reach advantage to keep Casimero at a distance, meanwhile, he landed a few jabs. Casimero was more into sizing up his opponent, looking for an opening.

Round 2:

Casimero adjusted his strategy, starting to close the distance with quick footwork. Nghitumbwa continued to jab but began feeling the pressure as Casimero landed a strong left hook. The round ended with both fighters exchanging blows, but Casimero seemed to have the upper hand.

Round 3:

This round saw Nghitumbwa coming out more aggressively, possibly under his corner's advice. He landed a couple of significant punches, but Casimero's experience showed as he dodged and countered effectively. The round was more balanced, with both fighters having their moments.

Round 4:

Casimero took control in this round. He landed a series of combinations that visibly shook Nghitumbwa. Despite this, Nghitumbwa showed great heart, standing his ground and firing back whenever he could. Casimero's power, however, was the story of this round.

Round 5:

By the 5th round, Casimero's strategy of wearing down Nghitumbwa was very obvious. Nghitumbwa looked a bit tired and started to slow down, and Casimero quickly pounced on the opportunity by landing body shots. Nghitumbwa managed to land a few counters, but Casimero's dominance was clear.

Casimero vs Nghitumbwa: A Comprehensive Fight Analysis

Round 6:

This was perhaps the most critical round. Casimero delivered many back-to-back punches that sent Nghitumbwa to the canvas. Nghitumbwa got up before the count ended, and this showed his unshaken resilience. Again, this round ended with Casimero in clear control.

Round 7:

As round 7 started, Nghitumbwa looked a bit stable and showed signs of recovery. He tried to change the fight's pace. He succeeded in landing some good punches, but Casimero's pressure was relentless. The round was more even, but Casimero still seemed ahead.

Round 8:

By this round, both fighters were showing signs of fatigue. Casimero continued to press, but Nghitumbwa's defense improved. This round of Casimero vs Nghitumbwa fight was a display of technical boxing from both fighters.

Round 9:

Casimero's experience and fighting skills were on the show in the 9th round. He found a rhythm during the fight and was dodging Nghitumbwa's attacks. In return, Casemiro kept on landing precise counterpunches.

In the last minute of this round, Nghitumbwa seemed to be tired but he didn't let it go so easily and kept fighting bravely. However, this round was almost dominated by the Filipino boxer.

Round 10:

The 10th round was a thrilling part of this bout as Casemiro and Nghitumbwa were giving their all. Both boxers exchanged heavy blows and didn't seem to be slowing down. This totally lifted up the tempo of the fight. Casimero seemed to have the edge, but Nghitumbwa never gave up, fighting till the final bell of round 10.

Round 11:

Casemiro started the 11th round by hitting Nghitumbwa and then pushing him to the canvas. Soon after that, Nghitumbwa took charge and started throwing punches at Casemiro that were not very effective as Casemiro was responding back with jabs. In the middle of this round, Casemiro gave back to back punches and combinations and Nghitumbwa had no answer to this lethal attack.

Round 12:

In the last round, both boxers were eager to score points and they delivered punches at each other. However, Nghitumbwa was hitting on Casemiro’s head to score a knockout while Casemiro was working on Nghitumbwa's body and punching rapidly. However, most of their punches were tackled by each other as both of them were feeling tired and throwing punches all around.

In the final minute of the fight, Nghitumbwa hit on the back of Casemiro and the referee stepped in to take away both fighters. After that, Casemiro delivered punches and a combination at Nghitumbwa. The Namibian boxer fought back but Casemiro ended the fight with a jab and he was clearly the favorite boxer for boxing online betting to secure this win.

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Casimero’s comments on his victory

After the fight, Casimero seemed very happy and satisfied with his performance. He said, "I trained hard for this fight. I knew Nghitumbwa was a tough opponent, but I was ready. I wanted to show the world that I am still at the top of my game." He also did not forget to praise his opponent, acknowledging Nghitumbwa's skills, and was very thankful to his fans. "I couldn't have done it without the support of my team and my fans. This victory is for all of us," Casimero added.

Nghitumbwa's statement after the bout

Nghitumbwa, despite the loss in the bout, was proud of his effort. "Casimero is a great fighter. I learned a lot from this match. I will come back stronger," he stated. He thanked his team and fans and promised to use this experience to improve. "This fight has shown me areas where I need to work harder. I am grateful for the experience and will use it to become a better fighter," Nghitumbwa said.