Biggest & Common Boxing Mistakes Beginners Make


At the professional boxing level, there is no room to make mistakes in the boxing ring as the opponent will quickly pounce on the opportunity to knock you down. Therefore, you won’t notice general or common mistakes at the highest level of this sport.

However, a beginner who is looking to make a career in this mixed martial art needs to learn about this sport. One must know the common boxing mistakes to avoid them in his/her career and achieve higher ranks in boxing. This blog will inform you about such common mistakes that newbies often make in the ring that can put a stop to their dreams of becoming a successful boxer. Furthermore, we will discuss on which platform you can participate in boxing online betting in the Philippines.

Biggest & Common Boxing Mistakes Beginners Make

Common Boxing Mistakes in Different Perspectives by Beginners

We will dissect these mistakes into particular domains for a better understanding of these mistakes.

Common Mistakes in Boxing Stance

  • Not Keeping the Hands up to their Face
    One of the most important rules in boxing is keeping the hands up to protect the face. New boxers make a common mistake which is dropping their hands from the face. In this way, they become more exposed to the punches from the opponents.
  • Elbows Flared Out from the Body
    Another common mistake newbie boxers make is flaring out their elbows away from the body. The elbow position is crucial for defense and generating power while punching. 
  • Staying Flat-Footed
    Beginners usually make the mistake of standing flat-footed, which slows down their mobility and reactions. Boxers should stay light on their feet with the weight lying on the balls of the feet so that they are ready to move and pivot.

Mistakes that Newbie Boxers Make in Defense

  • Dropping their hands to block body shots
    When defending against body shots, beginners usually drop their hands too low. This is a costly mistake because the opponents can punch their heads when exposed. It's important to keep your hands up to protect both the head and body.
  • Not Moving their Head
    Head movement while boxing is very important to avoid punches. One of the common boxing mistakes is; Beginners often neglect to move their heads to focus and avoid punches. They only rely on blocking the punches with their hands.
  • Bringing their hands back low after Punching
    After throwing a punch, boxers should bring their hands back to their face for protection. Some beginners bring their hands back low, and this makes them exposed to counterpunches and attacks.
  • Looking down at the ground While Rolling
    Rolling is a defensive technique that boxers use to avoid punches by rotating the upper body. However, a beginner usually makes the mistake that he/she looks down while boxing and this blocks their sight to sense the opponent's movements.
  • Putting their Head Down as they Rush In
    When newbie boxers approach the opponent aggressively, they make the mistake of lowering their head. The opponent can easily deliver punches to the boxers.  which can lead to walking into punches.

Common Mistakes in Footwork and Movement

  • Getting their feet too close together when they step
    Boxers, especially the ones who have just kickstarted their career in this sport should maintain a stable and balanced stance by keeping their feet at some distance from the opponent. The usual mistake they make is keeping the feet too close together because it hinders good balance while fighting.
  • Getting their feet crossed
    One of the common mistakes that boxers make is cross-foot movement while boxing. This usually results in loss of balance and slows down the footwork of boxers.
  • Not Stepping with the Proper Foot First
    Proper footwork is very important in boxing, especially for the new boxers. Beginners make the mistake of stepping on the wrong foot first. Such movements can affect the rhythm of the boxers and do not allow them to deliver combinations with greater effect.
  • Moving in a certain Pattern
    A random foot movement with different angles and patterns is a great technique for boxers. However, boxers make the mistake of moving in a particular pattern or in a line. This helps the opponent to predict their foot movement and attack when they get an opportunity to hit.

Common Punching Mistakes by Newbie Boxers

  • No Stable Positioning While Punching
    While punching one of the common mistakes a boxer makes is not pivoting while punching the opponent. Besides this, a newbie boxer tries to reach out to the opponent with punches instead of moving his/her body close to the opponent.
  • Constant Head Hunting
    Among common boxing mistakes that a beginner makes while punching; is headhunting. The boxer does not target the body of the opponent, but instead tries to hit the head.
  • Not Stepping with the Jab:
    Beginners may forget to step forward with their lead foot when they jab, which reduces the power and reach of their jab.
  • Scissoring Arm on Jab:
    Rather than extending the jab directly from the shoulder, new boxers sometimes bend or scissor their arm, weakening the jab's impact and making it less efficient.
  • Incorrect Elbow Position on the 3:
    When throwing the left hook (the "3" punch), beginners may not keep their elbow up high enough, which affects the effectiveness and power of the hook.

Some Other Common Boxing Mistakes

  • Flinching:
    New boxers often react by flinching or pulling back when they see a punch coming towards them. This instinctive reaction can leave them vulnerable to follow-up attacks.
  • Not Feinting:
    Feinting is a technique where a boxer makes a deceptive movement or fake punch to note down their opponent's reaction. The rookie boxers usually forget to use feints effectively to set up their actual punches.
  • Forgetting to Breathe:
    During intense exchanges or when under pressure, boxers sometimes forget to maintain a steady breathing pattern. Proper breathing is essential for stamina and focus during a fight.
  • Tensing Up Instead of Relaxing:
    New boxers often tense up, especially in the shoulders, when throwing punches or defending. Tension can slow down movements and waste energy. It's important to stay relaxed and fluid to maintain speed and agility.

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Biggest & Common Boxing Mistakes Beginners Make

Boxing FAQ for Beginners

  • Q: Why is it important to avoid common mistakes in boxing?
    At the professional level, mistakes are minimal because opponents can quickly exploit any error, potentially leading to a knockout. Beginners need to learn about and avoid common mistakes to progress in their boxing careers and achieve higher ranks.
  • Q: What are common mistakes in boxing stance that beginners should avoid?
    Key mistakes include not keeping hands up to protect the face, flaring elbows out from the body, and staying flat-footed. These errors can leave a boxer vulnerable to attacks and reduce their defensive and offensive effectiveness.
  • Q: How can beginners improve their defensive techniques?
    Beginners should avoid dropping their hands to block body shots, neglecting head movement, bringing hands back low after punching, looking down while rolling, and putting their head down when rushing in. Maintaining proper hand positioning, head movement, and awareness can significantly enhance defense.
  • Q: What are common footwork mistakes and how can they be corrected?
    Common mistakes include getting feet too close together, crossing feet, stepping with the wrong foot first, and moving in a predictable pattern. Maintaining a balanced stance, proper stepping technique, and randomizing foot movements can improve footwork.
  • Q: What should beginners know about effective punching techniques?
    Avoid mistakes like unstable positioning, constant head hunting, not stepping with the jab, scissoring the arm on the jab, and incorrect elbow position on the hook. Proper positioning, targeting both the head and body, and correct form can enhance punching power and accuracy.
  • Q: What other common mistakes should new boxers be aware of?
    New boxers often flinch, forget to feint, neglect proper breathing, and tense up. Staying relaxed, using feints effectively, maintaining steady breathing, and avoiding instinctive flinching can help maintain composure and effectiveness in the ring.
  • Q: Where can I participate in boxing online betting in the Philippines?
    Pinnacle Sports is a trusted platform for boxing online betting in the Philippines. It offers various betting markets, smooth transactions, and secure handling of funds for a seamless betting experience.