Boxing Bets Explained - Common Wager Types & Strategies to Win



Boxing online betting has become an exciting way of putting your knowledge about this sport into bets and winning exciting prizes and money. However, it is not as simple as it seems to be as there is always a risk of losing your money if you do not bet sensibly.

Therefore, in this blog boxing bets explained through wager types involved in boxing betting and tips and strategies one must be aware of before betting on boxing.

Boxing Bets Explained - Common Wager Types & Strategies to Win

Boxing Bets Explained with Most Common Wager Types

There are plenty of wager options available for a bettor to explore for boxing online betting and each option involves proper execution and knowledge for winning bets.

Outright Bet or Money Line bet

If you are a beginner, you must go for the Outright Bet wager option. It is the most common and simple betting method in boxing in which you just need to pick who is going to win or lose the bout and bet your money on that boxer.

It's just like you pick one side who will win or lose and placing a bet depending on your research and it does not matter by which method he or she wins or loses. You have a 50% chance to win or lose your bet in this betting type and can earn depending on the decided odds offered by the betting platform.

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Knockdown Betting

There are actually two different options in knockdown betting wager type. The one is simple to pick whether the fight will end by knockdown or not. You can win a bet irrespective of which player wins or loses the match and earn high even in a single game by placing bets plenty of times.

However, the second wager option of Knockdown boxing bets explained above; is a bit complex in that a bettor needs to predict which boxer is going to knock down the other in the ring. This boxing wager type involves a more precise prediction, the reward ratio is definitely higher here.


In a Draw-no bet, a bettor has to predict a winner during the fights and place a bet over it, but if the match draws without giving any result your bet will be voided and whatever you have placed on your bets will be refunded to you.

Round Betting

In Round betting simply guess the round in which the fight will stop by the referee or the fighter will win the specific round. You can win your bet if your guess turns into reality irrespective of the result of the game.

Now, moving to a more specific betting option of round betting, a bettor needs to predict which boxer is going to win and in which particular round of the bout. As the probability of winning is significantly lower than other wager types, the reward ratio is very high. 

Grouped Round Betting:

To reduce the high risk involved in the above-mentioned wager types, a new group round Betting was introduced. In this wager type, first of all, the boxing rounds are determined and then they are grouped in a pack of three. You have to guess in which round group the fight will end. 

For example, 12 rounds are converted into 4 groups of 3 rounds each; 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12. So, a bettor has to predict in which round group the fight will have a result. In this way, the risk of losing money decreases significantly.

Other Betting Wager Options:

Among the other boxing bets explained, The bettor has the option to collectively bet on all wager types and this is the most complex of all options. In this boxing online betting option, a bettor bets which boxer is going to win the fight by which method of victory and in which number of rounds.

For Example, you bet on the upcoming fight between Aleksander Usyk and Tyson Fury that Fury will knockdown Usyk in the 5th round of the bout. The probability of prediction is very very low, thus upon guessing the bet right, a bettor will get a huge return ratio of the initial bet amount.

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Boxing Bets Explained - Common Wager Types & Strategies to Win

Effective Tips and Strategies for Boxing Online Betting

Let us discuss some of the effective strategies and tips that one must know before putting money into this riskier business. Such tips won't guarantee winning, however helps the bettor to make better decisions while betting on different fights.

Choose the right Betting Platform:

Before putting your money at stake, make sure you have chosen a secure and legitimate betting platform. Furthermore, check the deposit and withdrawal terms and conditions of the betting platform before wagering your money.

Analyze the Boxers' Performances:

You should thoroughly analyze the boxing skills, recent performances, fighting stances, and match conditions very well. This homework will help you place bets on the right boxer.

Make Sure You Manage your Budget wisely:

The first thing is to play with that money which is affordable to lose. In case you do not win the bet and lose all your money, then you should avoid betting with extra money to recover your loss. The bet loss is an indication that you have not prepared well for the betting and you may lose the extra money also while recovering the loss.

One-to-one winning record:

This takes us to our next and most important tip for boxing bets explained in this blog: before betting on a fight, you should look up each fighter's individual fighting history and compare them to each other. You may find out who is the best and has won the most boxing contests by doing this.

Knowledge about game types and rules:

There are many game types and rules depending on management and platform; you should learn everything there is to know about the platform before placing a wager. You can refer to this article Pinnacle Boxing Betting to learn more about the details of boxing rules.
When you understand everything, invest your money and try to win by listening to all the advice.