Boxing News: Virgil Puton's Downfall after Excellent Start


Who is Virgil Puton?

Virgil Puton is a Filipino boxer who got the nickname “Strong Man” because of his excellent and strong boxing game and skills.

He was born on July 08, 1989. Virgil has been a consistent performer in the boxing ring for his country and his boxing record is quite impressive.

Puton fights in the super featherweight division and could not experience winning a championship belt in his professional boxing career. Virgil made his professional debut in 2011 at the very young age of 21.

Professional Career of Virgil Puton:

After making his pro debut at a very young age, Virgil has taken part in 35 bouts to date. He recently participated in a fight in 2020 that added to his defeat list. Although Virgil Puton is an outstanding boxer and a renowned name in Filipino boxing, his number of defeats in the ring has been increasing in recent years.

Virgil started the career with great momentum and energy winning 14 out of the first 17 bouts. The Philippines people started to rate him as a generational talent with the potential of becoming a legend of boxing for their country.

After a successful and excellent start to his career, he failed miserably and only manage to win 4 out of the next 18 bouts.

Making a debut at the young age of 21 at the professional level is itself an achievement but maintaining a winning streak requires a lot of dedication and hard work on your game and skills.

Virgil somehow seemed to be lacking there which led to no title victory in his entire career. Maybe this is the reason he hasn't fought since his last match with Alberta Pagara.

Boxing News: Virgil Puton's Downfall after Excellent Start

Fighting Stance and Strengths & Downsides of Puton’s Game:

Virgil is an excellent boxer in the ring and fights with an orthodox stance. He has a decent boxing track record. However, the number of losses in Virgil’career is quite concerning despite the fact that he is loaded with qualities and skills like strong punches and outstanding defense.

Virgil got his nickname “Strong Man” knowing the fact of his muscular and strong body physique. Moreover, Virgil has quick foot movement that gives him an edge in the boxing ring over his opponent.

Virgil has the ability to launch quick unches by delivering his muscle strength to his punches which leaves the opponent with no clue.

However, talking about Virgil Puton Weaknesses, we can't determine the exact loopholes in his game. However, he carries a few downsides also his number of losses in the ring is a clear indication of his weakness.

Boxing News: Virgil Puton's Downfall after Excellent Start

Latest Boxing Fight of Virgil Puton:

In the latest boxing fight of Virgil Puton with Alberta Pagara, Virgil lost the bout by unanimous decision.

This exciting fight between these energetic boxers took place in IPI Compound, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines on December 18, 2020. Alberta Pagara came out on top after by scores of 78-74, 78-74, 79-73.

Boxing News: Virgil Puton's Downfall after Excellent Start

What’s coming up for Puton:

The upcoming fight of Virgil Puton is yet to be announced. Virgil hasn't been in the headlines of boing news since his loss to Alberta Pagara in 2020. Therefore, there is no accurate information about his future plans and fights.