Dmitry Bivol Defeated Undisputed Champion Canelo Alvarez


In Boxing History, Bivol defeated Alvarez by a unanimous decision to retain his WBA light heavyweight championship. Bivol never seemed to have Canelo in any trouble, he got the points and won the match.

Canelo Alvarez vs Dmitry Bivol Match Result:

Dmitry Bivol defeated Canelo Alvarez by unanimous decision to retain his WBA (Super) light heavyweight championship. Bivol used his size, skill, activity, and tight defense to prevent Canelo from capitalizing on his power shots. Bivol dominated the match with a stiff jab and kept busy whenever Canelo became aggressive. Despite landing some big power shots, Canelo couldn't break down his opponent and found himself in a real fight by the middle rounds. Bivol fought like he had the judges against him and kept throwing punches into the championship rounds. Although Bivol never seemed to have Canelo in any real trouble, he accumulated points and won the Canelo Alvarez vs Dmitry Bivol match.

Dmitry Bivol Defeated Undisputed Champion Canelo Alvarez

Canelo Alvarez Skills and Fighting Technical Analysis:

Skills & Strengths Analysis

Canelo Alvarez is a famous boxer from Mexico who is very good at fighting. He is very disciplined and works very hard to prepare for his fights. He is also very strong and can knock out his opponents easily. Canelo is also very smart and plans his moves carefully with his coach, Eddy Reynoso.

Weaknesses Analysis

There are certain weaknesses that are associated with the fighting styles and stances of Canelo Alvarez. No doubt, he is a great boxer in the field. But sometimes, he feels stuck while playing. Therefore, his foot movement is not rapid. He is not able to react quickly if his opponent is getting close to him. This thing has been noticed in his previous fights by many experts. His body movements and footwork become very slow and stiff. Therefore, his opponent got the edge and landed heavy punches on him. Canelo needs to keep this weakness in mind in the Canelo Alvarez vs Dmitry Bivol fight.

Dmitry Bivol Defeated Undisputed Champion Canelo Alvarez

Dmitry Bivol Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis

Strengths and Skills of Dmitry Bivol

Bivol is a strong and powerful boxer in the light heavyweight category. He has the ability to knock out his opponents with punches from both of his hands. He has quick hands and feet, which allow him to move around the ring quickly and throw accurate punches. Bivol's style is to fight aggressively by getting close to his opponent and attacking them continuously.

Bivol's biggest defense is his aggressiveness, and he always enters the fight in attack mode from the start. He has made a name for himself in the division as a boxer who can knock out his opponents. He is looking to apply these strengths and skills in the Canelo Alvarez vs Dmitry Bivol match.

Weaknesses of Dmitry Bivol

However, Bivol's weakness is his lack of experience as a professional boxer, even though he had a long amateur career. If his opponent can take him into deep waters or extend the fight, Bivol's inexperience might come into play.

Canelo Alvarez vs Dmitry Bivol Comparison

Canelo Alvarez VS Dmitry Bivol
32 Age 32
5 Feet 7 Inches (171 cm) Height 6 Feet (183cm)
76 Kg (168 lbs) Weight 79 Kg (174.16 lbs)
Orthodox Stance Orthodox
70 ½ Inches (179 cm) Reach 72 Inches (183 cm)
56-1-2 Boxing Record 21-0-0
38 Knockouts 11
With Caleb Plant
On November 6, 2021
At MGM Grand Garden Arena Las Vegas, U.S
Win By Knockout
Last Fight With Umar Salamov
On December 11, 2021
At KRK Uralets, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Win By Decision

Canelo Alvarez vs Dmitry Bivol Match Review

We will now review the whole match between Canelo and Dmitry Bivol. In this topic, we will discuss how the matching pan out and key moments where the boxers show their skills to get points.

Fight Breakdown, Round By Round Pinpoint Analysis

Starting from Round One, Canelo was applying pressure while Bivol continued to jab at a high rate. Canelo landed an uppercut to close the round. At the end of the first round, the score was: 10-9.

In Round Two, Canelo was throwing heat out there, but Bivol fought well. However, he was going to have to get Canelo off his square.

When Round Three started, The rounds were close, but Canelo landed a right hand. Bivol's jab was sharp and steady.

Dmitry Bivol Defeated Undisputed Champion Canelo Alvarez

After three rounds the Score was: 10-9 and Canelo won this round.

In Round Four, Bivol's defense was tight, and he was making Canelo work to land. Canelo's pressure on being a smaller fighter was insane.

Later On, In Round Five, Bivol was busy with the jab, but Canelo sneaked a right hand through the guard. It was still a strong round for Bivol.

With a Score of 10-9. After that in Round Six, Bivol's defense was tight, and he was keeping Canelo from landing the big shot when he advanced. It was another Great round for Bivol.

Dmitry Bivol collecting points at Crunch Time

In Round Seven, Bivol was firing, but Canelo was picking off those shots with his gloves. Another round for Bivol. When the 8th round started, Bivol was very busy, and Canelo was looking to pick his spots. Bivol won't just sit there and let Canelo throw. This was another round for Bivol. The Score was 10-9 with Bivol winning the round.

In Round Nine, Canelo was pounding away on Bivol, and he was lighting Bivol up. Bivol won't go away, though. Big Canelo round. This round belonged to Canelo Alvarez. After this round the Canelo Alvarez vs Dmitry Bivol match got very intense and from this point, both were equally good to claim the victory.

When Round 10 started, Bivol was busier, and Canelo was applying pressure again. The slowest round of the fight goes to Bivol for activity. The Score after this round was 10-9. After this the referees decided to declare the result and the final scorecard was 96-94 in favor of Dmitry Bivol.

Post Match Comments of Canelo and Dmitry

"I felt his power. As you can see from my arm, he beat my arm up but not my head," Dmitry Bivol said. "It's better. He had a good speed and power. Maybe his mistake was he threw only hard punches. After hard punches, he relaxed and tired. I was feeling great. This was the biggest fight of my career and I enjoyed this fight. When the people booed me, it gave me more energy."

"He's a great champion. Sometimes in boxing, you win or lose. I lost today and he won," Canelo Alvarez said. "He's a really good fighter. He's a fighter who comes in and goes out. I also felt his power. It was a good victory for him."

Dmitry Bivol vs Canelo AlvarezFAQs

Did Canelo go down against Bivol?

Yes, Canelo Alvarez faced Dmitry Bivol in a scintillating fight on May 6, 2022. Both the players showed great character and fought in the ring. However, Dmitry Bivol came on the top after a 10 round fight. He won by unanimous decision against Canelo Alvarez.

Did Canelo have a rematch clause vs Bivol?

Eddie Herran and Gilberto Ramirez claimed in the boxing media that there was a rematch clause versus Bivol. They called it a Canelo Alvarez vs Dmitry Bivol 2. The fight seems to happen soon.

Does Canelo want a rematch against Bivol?

Yes, in his recent interviews, Canelo Alvarez has shown a great interest in a re-match with Dmitry Bivol. He said he wanted to settle things becuase in May, 2022, The Russian boxer Dmitry Bivol defeated Canelo Alvarez by a unanimous decision after 10 rounds.