Boxing History: Mark Magsayo vs Gary Russell Reigning Champion


Boxing History on Mark Magsayo won the WBC Featherweight World Championship by beating Gary Russell Jr. in a boxing match held at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Magsayo, who was trained by Manny Pacquiao, was able to defeat Russell after 12 rounds of tough fighting.

Magsayo had an advantage in size and was able to use this to lean on Russell during the Mark Magsayo Vs. Gary Russell Jr match. Additionally, Russell suffered a right shoulder injury in the fourth round, which likely helped Magsayo secure his victory.

After the match, Magsayo said that winning the championship was a dream come true for him, and he thanked his Filipino fans for their support. With a record of 24-0 and 16 knockouts, Magsayo is now one of the top featherweight boxers in the world.

Boxing History: Mark Magsayo vs Gary Russell Reigning Champion

Technical Assessment on Gary Russell Jr Skills and Fighting

Russell Jr. is a very fast and strong boxer who hits hard. He uses a quick variety of punches to attack both the body and head of his opponents. He is so good at throwing punches that he can overwhelm his opponents with many punches at once.

The weak points in his boxing method are that sometimes he stands still and waits to hit his opponent with his fast punches, and that might not be good if he fights someone who is good at staying away from him and moving around.

Despite Gary's Shoulder injury, he trained hard for the Mark Magsayo Vs. Gary Russell Jr match.

Assessment of Mark Magsayo Skills & Abilities

Mark Magsayo is a boxer who fights in an aggressive and impressive style. He is very fast on his feet and throws punches very rapidly. This fast action against his opponents makes it difficult for his opponents to keep up.

Therefore, he was ready to face the long-time champion in the Mark Magsayo Vs. Gary Russell Jr match. Despite his aggressive style, Mark Magsayo does not get driven by emotions.

Magsayo is a smart boxer with good natural instincts. He can read his opponents well and adjust his style accordingly. He knows when to attack and when to defend, and he is not afraid to use his footwork to create openings for his punches.

Boxing History: Mark Magsayo vs Gary Russell Reigning Champion

Mark Magsayo Vs. Gary Russell Jr Comparison

Mark Magsayo vs Gary Russell
26 age 33
5ft 6in(168 cm) Height 5ft 4in(164cm)
57.27 (126 lbs) Weight 58 Kg (127.86lbs)
Orthodox Stance Southpaw
68 Inches (173cm) Reach 61 Inches (163cm)
24-0-1 Boxing Record 31-1-0
18 Knockouts 18
With Julio Ceja
On August 21, 2021
At T-Mobil Arena Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S
Win By Knockout
Last Fight With Tugstsogt Nyambayar
On February 08, 2020
At T-Mobil Arena Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S
Win By Decision

Mark Magsayo vs Gary Russell Jr Match Review:

In this match, Russell and Magsayo faced off for the world championship title.

Round By Round PinPoint Analysis:

In the first round, Magsayo had a strong start, landing crisp and hard shots on Russell. In the second round, Magsayo continued to fight as the taller and bigger man, while Russell responded with lightning-quick combinations.

By the end of the third round, Magsayo seemed to have hurt Russell with a barrage of shots, prompting him to resort to the clinch.

Russell complained of a hurt right shoulder between rounds, limiting his use of his right hand. Despite this setback, Russell had success with his left hand in the fourth and fifth rounds, using it to set up shots to the body.

In the sixth round, both fighters were searching for an edge but were unable to gain one.

Clutch Moments in Later Rounds of Match:

In the seventh round of Mark Magsayo Vs. Gary Russell Jr fight, Russell started strong, asserting his ring IQ to pick and land shots with his left hand.

However, Magsayo's aggression returned in the eighth round, as he chased Russell and landed hooks to the body. By the ninth round, Magsayo had taken advantage of Russell's compromised state and produced a higher output of punches.

In the tenth and final round, Russell doubled up with his left jab, but Magsayo returned fire with two rights. The judges ultimately scored the match in favor of Magsayo, with a majority decision of 114-114, 115-113, and 115-113.

With this victory, Magsayo became the new world champion.

Boxing History: Mark Magsayo vs Gary Russell Reigning Champion

What Garry Russell has to say about the Match

"I believe I have a torn tendon in my right shoulder," said Russell.

"I haven't competed in almost two years. This is what true champions do. I wanted to step into the ring and display my superiority regardless of the injury."

"I hurt the shoulder about two weeks ago," continued Russell.

"But I went through with the fight because I'm a true champion and this is what warriors do. I'm going to fight regardless of what the situation is. I refuse to not compete and display my skillsets to my fans and the people that came out to show support and love. Please believe that I will be back. I still want these fights."

Mark Magsayo Verdict on the Match

"I knew that he was hurt in round four. I took advantage of it because he was only using one hand. This was my opportunity to follow through. My coach was telling me to use good combinations and follow through. He said this is your chance to become a champion and now I am a champion."After the Match Magsayo said

Mark Magsayo vs Gary Russell FAQs

Who won between Magsayo vs Russell Jr?

Mark Magsayo upset Gary Russel after a tense fight of 12 rounds. Gary was already suffering from a shoulder injury and Mark Magsayo got the edge and pouched on the opportunity.

What was the result of the Magsayo vs Russell fight today?

The final score of the match between Magsayo and Russel was 114-114, 115-113, and 115-113.

Who defeated Gary Russell Jr?

Mark Magsayo defeated Gary Russel Jr after an electrifying match. Magsayo took an edge in the fight against the longtime Champion Russell who was suffering from an injury.

Who defeated Mark Magsayo?

In a recent match against Brandon Figueroa, Mark Magsayo received the first defeat of his career. Brandon won against Magsayo by unanimous decision.